To be the leading development Company in and for Africa, and beyond


Our mission is to provide consistent high quality development services to our clients and partners within each local context.


Being the outlier by working hard and smartly, respecting time, and consistently striving to produce the highest quality services for all our stakeholders every time.


Honesty: We consistently tell the truth and present the facts by always being transparent and accountable.

Integrity: We work hard to keep our promises to our stakeholders.

Trustworthy : We work hard to earn the trust of our colleagues and external stakeholders, always staying true to our values..

Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable to each other and to our external stakeholders. We consistently take into consideration their needs and wants.

Value for money :We consider smart innovation as key; therefore, we go beyond effectiveness to achieve efficiency in our daily operations, thereby eliminating waste in the use of the client’s or donor’s money

 Leadership :We strive to set industry standards on the African continent by being the best; we provide high quality, always.

Diversity :We value the differences our local staff, interns, consultants, expatriates, facilitators, beneficiaries, and partners bring to each project, program, and the Company. We recognize that without them, there is no us.

Excellence :We strive for the highest forms of quality in all our activities and relations with partners; we strive for excellence in the quality of our work and abide by deliverable schedules, with the highest ethical standards.

Collaboration : Our primary approach to projects and programs is building and maintaining strategic partnerships within and across Africa with strategic entities within the continent’s development sphere.

Non-discrimination :We believe in and respect the principles of equity, inclusion, and non-discrimination and are committed to working with all persons, without discrimination, to advance the development of Africa.

Innovation: We are forward-thinking and lean in with a commitment to creating sustainable approaches and deploying information and communication technologies in our work and our quest for solutions.